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2019-12-02  Russia joins race to make quantum dreams a reality. 
National initiative aims to develop practical technologies that could mine databases and create ultra-secure communication networks. 

2019-12-02  Amazon Web Service Announces New Quantum Computing Service

2019-11-30  Epidemic of Artificial Intelligence Misinformation

2019-11-24  Tim Berners-Lee: I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It. I wanted the web to serve humanity. It’s not too late to live up to that promise.

2019-09  Beyond reductionism – systems biology gets dynamic, by Kevin Mitchell 

2019-07 First Photo of Quantum Entanglement

2019-05   Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge.Bringing flight physics into the Quantum Era

2019-03-15 The 2nd Law of Entropy Increase was not violated on the IBM quantum computer, by Ioannis Antoniou. The recent claim about “time reversal on the IBM quantum computer” https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-40765-6 is actually not a spontaneous Time Reversal but the result of external manipulation “by a Supersystem” as the authors themselves claim. The rapid propagation of this false impression in social media,  is more interesting than the result itself. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613123/no-ibm-didnt-just-reverse-time-with-a-quantum-computer/. It is well known that Time Reversal is not relevant to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, since the decay of Neutral Kaon [1] and earlier discussions on the relation of Thermodynamics and Quantum Theory [2].
[1] Kabir P.K. 1983, Time-Reversal in Macro and Micro-Physics, in Recent Topics in Theoretical Physics, L. Kothari, U. Bhasin and S. Tewari (eds.), Macmillan India Ltd.
[2] Stueckelberg E. C. G. 1952, Théorème H et unitarité de S, Helv. Phys. Acta 25, 577-580 (1952)

2019-01-09  WWW 30th Birthday. What’s next for the Web? Tim Berners-Lee reflects on how the web has changed our world and what we must do to build a better web that serves all of humanity 

2019-01-09  DARPA wants to build an AI to find the patterns hidden in global chaos Devin Coldewey 

2018-11-05 Tim Berners-Lee launches campaign to save the web from abuse 
A “Magna Carta for the Web” will protect people's rights online from threats such as fake news, prejudice and hate.

2018-11-05 Google doodle o οραματιστής Μιχάλης Δερτούζος, Τασος Οικονομου, Εθνος

2018-10-30 Quantum Flagship: Η νεα πρωτοβουλια της Ευρωπαικης Επιτροπης για τις Κβαντικες Τεχνολογιες.
Quantum Technologies Flagship Final Report (pdf)

2018-01-31 How quantum computing could revolutionize data analysis, MIT Technology Review, Intelligent Machines 
Demonstration of Topological Data Analysis on a Quantum Processor arxiv.org/abs/1801.06316

2017-11-13  Entanglement of Separate Nanomechanical Devices Heralds Quantum Internet. Creating a deep quantum link between nanofabricated resonators on silicon chips is a step toward spy-proof communication, MIT Technology Review, Business Impact
2017-10-18  The newest AlphaGo mastered the game with no human input (only the Rules).
The computer program even devised new strategies previously unknown to human,by M. Temming, Science News
2017-07-27 Facebook Shut Down AI After It Invented Its Own Language,by NTD TV, Epoch Times       
2017-02-28 Artificial Intelligence is going to Change Pareto’s  80/20 Rule,by Michael Schrage, Harvard Business Review
2017-01-26 “We need a decentralisation of the Internet”, by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at Worldwebforum Next Generation at ETH Zurich
2016-09-22 Global Future Councils: A Knowledge Network for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Published, by Oliver Cann, World Economic Forum
2016-09-07 Understanding the Economics of Networks. General theory of network formation based on individual incentives, and their economic implications, by Sanjeev Goyal, Institute for New Economic Thinking
2016-08-30 Much of what we know about the brain may be wrong: The problem with fMRI, by David Biello, Scientific American
2016-08-25 Financial Networking Company Prepares for ‘Post-Quantum’ World. Post-Quantum enforces data confidentiality, authenticity and access control for now and the future, by Jeremy Kahn, Bloomberg

2016-07-12 The 4 Mistakes Most Managers Make with Analytics, by  A. Lambrecht and C. Tucker , Harvard Business Review

2016-06-23 How the New Science of Computational History Is Changing the Study of the Past, MIT Technology Review

2016-06-17 Reweaving the web
A slew of startups is trying to decentralise the online world, The Economist

2016-06-07 The Web’s Creator Looks to Reinvent It, New York Times By Quentin Hardy

2016-04-26 The Cosmic Web. Universe is an Evolving Network with 100 billion (presently known) Nodes (the Galaxies).

2016-04-26 Big Data from Particle Hunters: CERN just dropped 300 TB of Large Hadron Collider data free online

2016-04-24 Shifting from Human Capital to Social Capital, by M. Arena

2016-03-21 The Rise of Data Capital, MIT Technology Review

2016-02-04 Innovation, Complexity, Interdependent Reality, discussion of Ioannis Antoniou with Tasos Oikonomou, CNN Greece

2016-01-26 Future of Work-Expected Skills, Alex Gray, World Economic Forum
Top 10 Skills expected in 2020 compared to 2015

  • Complex Problem Solving remains the Top Skill.
  • Critical Thinking and Creativity shifted to the 2nd and 3rd places.
  • Emotional Intelligence (6) and Cognitive Flexibility (10) replaced Quality Control (6) and Active Listening (9).

2016-01-26 Our collective “degrees of separation” have shrunk from 6 to 3.5 steps

2016-01 Internet Fragmentation: An Overview, by W. Drake, V. Cerf, W. Kleinwächter, World Economic Forum

2016-01-26 Έθνος ή δίκτυο; Ο δρόμος για την Τέταρτη Βιομηχανική Επανάσταση μέσα από τα μάτια του συν-δημιουργού του web, Β. Σαμουρκας συνεντευξη απο τον Γ. Μητακιδη

2015-11-25 Διαδικτυακός ο Γ' Παγκόσμιος πόλεμος;  Σεραφειμ Νουτσιας

2015-11-04 Η νυχτα εναρξης του Παγκοσμιου Ιστου, Γ. Μητακιδης με τον Τασο Οικονομου

2015-11-03 Semantic Scholar Engine for Scientists gets (leaps) to the points, by N. Owano
2015-09 Making Open Science a Reality, OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) Report:
Open science country notes:

2015-09 Multi-layer Networks Representation-Visualization Tools
2015-09 How Social Media is Ruining Politics
2015-09-01 Economics Has a Math Problem, by N. Smith
2015-08-07 Hacking the system of social influence: How can we use the mechanics of influence to drive behaviour for public good?, by V. Polonski
2015-07-18 The end of capitalism has begun, by P. Mason
2015-07 Δικτυακη Αναλυση Ποδοσφαιρου
2015-06 The Hyperconnected Economy. How the growing interconnectedness of society is changing the landscape for business. Hyperconnected Organisations. How Businesses Are Adapting to the Hyperconnected Age. Report from the Economist Intelligence Unit
2015-05-21 Πώς ένα ψεύτικο tweet προκάλεσε μίνι κραχ στις ΗΠΑ. Κοινωνικα Δικτυα
2015-04-26 Net Attack and Defence. Defenders think in Lists. Attackers think in Graphs. As long as this is true, Attackers win, by John Lambert
2015-04-12 Supply Chains and Value Webs, by E. Kelly and K. Marchese. Supply chains are increasingly becoming value webs that span and connect whole ecosystems of suppliers and collaborators; properly activated, they can play a critical role in reshaping business strategy and delivering superior results.
2015-03-17 Philosophy as a Fixed Point
2015-03-09 What network science teaches us about human behavior, by Matthew O. Jackson, Stanford University
2015-02-10 Nanotubes self-organize and wiggle: evolution of a non-equilibrium system demonstrates maximum entropy production, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Scientific Reports
2015-01-19 How to be a great leader in a complex world, by Ted Bililies, Managing Director, AlixPartners
2015-01-15 The No.1 Predictor of Career Success According to Network Science, by M. Simmons 

2015-01 Global Language Network. Each node represents a language and links connect languages that are likely to be co-spoken.

2014-11-03 Networking versus Team-working
The ideogram of the old city is the enclosure; the ideogram of the old organization is the organization chart.  The ideogram of the new city is the underground map, the rail network or the highway chart; the ideogram of the new organization is the network.

2014-10-08 People need to reclaim ownership of their data and start putting it to good use, by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, interview to S. Curtis

2014-06 Internet Evolution in 40 Maps, by T.-B. Lee

2013-01 Alliance Network Structure and Inter-firm Knowledge Flows: Evidence from R&D Alliances, by S. I. Giura
2013-12-03 Why Being The Most Connected is a Vanity Metric, by M. Simmons
2013-10-09 Scientific Data Has Become so Complex, We have to Invent New Math to Deal With It, Quanta Magazine, by J. Ouellette

2013-09-12 Designing Effective Knowledge Networks. Leaders of knowledge networks can facilitate desired behaviors and outcomes, by K. Pugh and L. Prusak  

2013-07-14 Wisdom Networks crowd create Distributed Leadership, Productivity, Growth and Prosperity across Organisation, Industry and Society, by Marcus Cake

2013-04-11 Data Science: The Numbers of Our Lives, The New York Times, by C. Miller

2013-02-19 Hyperconnectivity: The Future is Now, by V. Ranadivé

2013-02 Big Data and Hyperconnectivity Trends by World Economic Forum

2013-01 Obama successfully harnessed Social Media, by P. Rutledge The National Psychologist 22,1, page 12

2011-10-27 The building blocks of economic growth. Complexity matters, H.G. London,
The Economist

2011-11-23 Τα Mαθηματικά του Tρόμου. Κοινωνικα Δικτυα

2011-04-12 Greek DBpedia as the first step towards the Internationalization of DBPedia

2010-02-14 The Enemy of My Enemy, by Steven Strogatz

2010-02-04 Diversity training. Some developing economies are rich but crude, while others are poor but sophisticated, Economist

2010-01-28 A world of connections. Online social networks are changing the way people communicate, work and play, and mostly for the better, by Martin Giles, the Economist